FREE E-BOOK: Getting Family Business Owners Off The Dime:
How to Get your Best Client Started on Estate and Succession Planning

By: Eric A. Manterfield, Krieg DeVault LLP

You can plan around estate taxes but you can’t plan around the client’s refusal to face his or her own mortality! It’s this thoroughly human--but ultimately costly--trait that causes so many families to pay far more in death taxes than they need to.

In this book, experienced attorney/estate planner Eric Manterfield shows you how to motivate your business-owner clients to plan for a future with as small an estate tax bite as possible.

An overwhelmed client is an inert client. You’ll learn how to get your clients “off the dime” by starting with small steps that gratify the client with progress and encourage him or her to keep moving forward. From there, you’ll learn how to approach key issues like cash flow for the surviving spouse—just how is the cash being generated by this successful business going to get into the hands of the survivor after the client’s death? After that, other key elements fall into place: the role of children, selecting a trustee, valuation discounts, and much more. For each issue Mr. Manterfield shows you how to broach the subject, how to suggest reasonable alternatives, and how to implement the alternatives the client selects.

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