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The Practical Real Estate Lawyer - September 2013

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Drafting Capital Call Remedies For Real Estate Partnerships (4 pp)
By Demetri Datch

Have We Learned Anything From Foreclosing On Pledged Equity Collateral In Real Estate Lending? (12 pp)
By James D. Prendergast and James S. Cochran

Ethical Considerations In The Use Of Social Media For The Land Use Practitioner And Government Lawyer (6 pp)
By Julie Tappendorf

Table of Contents (1 pp)


Minimizing And Allocating Expenses In Commercial Leases (With Forms) (9 pp)
By Cathy M. Rudisill

Tips For Handling The Complex Real Property Transaction (With Forms And Checklist) (29 pp)
By James W. Martin and Leslie Horton Gladfelter

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