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The Practical Lawyer - February 2013

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Protecting Trade Secrets Internationally Through A Comprehensive Trade Secret Policy (11 pp)
By Robert Kantner

Cosmetics And Beauty Product Litigation (12 pp)
By Meryl C. Maneker and Vickie E. Turner

How To Handle Your Deal Lawyers (8 pp)
By Fred Tannenbaum

Class Waivers In Employment Arbitration Agreements (7 pp)
By K. Bryance Metheny

An Overview Of The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (8 pp)
By Nicole Bloom Dion

The Law of the Lawyer — In Re Miller Highlights The Difficulty Of Perfecting U.C.C. Article 9 Security Interests Against Individuals (4 pp)
By Cindy J. Chernuchin, William E. Hiller, and Joshua Deason

The Grammatical Lawyer — You Can Go Home ... If You Know The Language (2 pp)
By Michael G. Walsh

The Web-Wise Lawyer — Think About It: Websites That Aim To Improve Critical Thinking (3 pp)
By Frank J. Cavaliere

Practical Success — Practical Tips For Lawyer Dads (2 pp)
By Cordell M. Parvin

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