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The Practical Real Estate Lawyer - January 2013

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Financing The Challenging Project: Using New Markets Tax Credits (9 pp)
By Denise J. Lewis

Gotcha! Associations Corner Mortgagees For Past Due Assessments (5 pp)
By Peter P. Hargitai

Where’s My Money In The Escrow Account? (9 pp)
By James D. Prendergast

The Most Important Issue In Every Ground Lease (8 pp)
By Joshua Stein

Groundbreakers — Foreclosure Law: A Primer On California’s One-Action Rule And Anti-Deficiency Provisions (3 pp)
By Aaron Cohn

Table of Contents (1 pp)


Keeping The Inn-Mates From Running The Hotel (With Management Agreement) (22 pp)
By Mark F. Grant

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