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The Practical Lawyer - October 2011

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Foreign-Made Product Claims: Handling The Crisis (7 pp)
By Thomas E. Fennell and W. Kelly Stewart

Estate, Gift, And GST Taxes: What Actually Happened (5 pp)
By Kenneth A. Goldstein

The Dodd-Frank Act’s Whistleblower Bounty Provisions (4 pp)
By Zach Fardon and Eric Swibel

The Accidental Franchisor (5 pp)
By Barry Kurtz

What Lawyers Need To Know About The Valuation Of Intellectual Property (21 pp)
By Robert F. Reilly

Grammatical Lawyer — Forgotten English (Part 2) (3 pp)
By Michael G. Walsh

The Law of the Lawyer — Checklist Of Potential Indicators Of Property Insurance Fraud (2 pp)
By Earl K. Cantwell

The Web-Wise Lawyer — The Aging Of America: Retirement Planning On The Web (3 pp)
By Frank J. Cavaliere

Practical Success — Practical Supervision Skills For Attorneys (2 pp)
By Cordell M. Parvin

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