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The Practical Real Estate Lawyer - September 2011

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Leasing In Troubled Times (6 pp)
By Theani C. Louskos M. Rosie Rees

What Are Real Property Fixtures (And How Do You Insure Against Senior Liens)? (12 pp)
By James D. Prendergast

Exercising Buy-Sell Rights In Distressed Times (5 pp)
By Jeffrey T. Ramsey

Condemnation Of Machinery And Equipment: A Case Study (19 pp)
By Michael Rikon

Groundbreakers — What Do You Mean “Nobody Owns It”? (3 pp)
By Paul L. DeBole and Amber D. DeBole

Table of Contents (1 pp)


What To Expect When A Receiver Takes Over A Troubled Property (With Mortgage Foreclosure Receiver’s Checklist) (12 pp)
By Andrew L. Herz, Joshua Stein, and William W. Weisner

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