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The Practical Lawyer - February 2011

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Deciphering Due Diligence: Tackling Software And IT Issues That Can Cripple M&A And Other Corpo-rate Transactions (14 pp)
By Jason Haislmaier

Surviving Your First Ten Years As A Lawyer (6 pp)
By Matthew DeVries

The Internal Revenue Service Correction Program For Tax-Qualified Retirement Plans (20 pp)
By Emily W. Mao and Anna M. Grant

Submitting Claims And Cooperating With Insurers (5 pp)
By Peter D. Laun

The Grammatical Lawyer — Back To The Basics From A Historical Perspective (Part 2) (3 pp)
By Michael G. Walsh

The Law of the Lawyer — Cutting Costs Without Crossing The Line (3 pp)
By John B. Spitzer

The Web-Wise Lawyer — All That Glitters (Part 2): The Gold Frenzy Continues (3 pp)
By Frank J. Cavaliere

Practical Success — How Can Your Friends Become Your Clients? (2 pp)
By Cordell M. Parvin

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