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The Practical Litigator - January 2011

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The Questionable Prosecutor: A Primer On Remedies (4 pp)
By James Ching

Internal Investigations And Other Tools (14 pp)
By Michael E. Clark and David L. Douglass

Maintaining Civility In Litigation (5 pp)
By Elizabeth S. Fenton and Sandra M. Di Iorio

Employee Workforce And Wage And Hour Issues (10 pp)
By Sheerin Siddique Rouf

The Integumentary System And Its Derivatives (13 pp)
By Samuel D. Hodge, Jr.

What Are The Implications Of Kiobel v. Royal Dutch Petroleum? (6 pp)
By Michael C. Lynch and Lystra Batchoo

The Law Of The Litigator — The Definition Of “Disability” For Social Security Purposes (3 pp)
By Dahlia R. Robinson

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