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The Practical Litigator - September 2010

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Well Suited To The Courtroom: Women In Legal Advocacy (4 pp)
By Wendy L. Patrick

Laying The Foundation For Admission Of Soil/Groundwater Samples And Analytical Results (9 pp)
By Donald W. Stever

How To Find The Right Forensic Accountant (3 pp)
By Gary Opper

Jury Selection In The Eminent Domain Case (18 pp)
By Susan Macpherson

Selecting Eminent Domain Experts (5 pp)
By Anthony F. Della Pelle and John W. Little, III

Types Of Measurable Credit Damage (9 pp)
By Georg Finder

The Law Of The Litigator — A Prologue To The Freedom Of Information Act (1 pp)
By James L. Ching

Table of Contents (1 pp)

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