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The Practical Litigator - July 2010

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“Plausibility” Pleading After Twombly and Iqbal (7 pp)
By David N. Anthony and Timothy J. St. George

How To Connect With A Jury (6 pp)
By Nancy L. Neufer and Robert S. Duboff

Proposed Amendments To Federal Rule 26 Offer Protections When Working With Experts (3 pp)
By Henry L. Hecht

The Tort Of Spousal Abuse (10 pp)
By Kathleen L. Daerr-Bannon

A Construction Litigator’s ADR Primer (28 pp)
By John G. Cameron, Jr.

The Law Of The Litigator — Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Your Jurors: Ethical Considerations (4 pp)
By Wendy L. Patrick

Table of Contents (1 pp)

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