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The Practical Lawyer - April 2010

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Employment Law Implications Of Mental Health Issues In Law Firms And Legal Departments (11 pp)
By Jane M. McFetridge

Challenges For The Entertainment Attorney In A “Do It Yourself” World (7 pp)
By Philip K. Lyon

Agenda For A Joint Venture Agreement (16 pp)
By Joshua Stein

Lost Laptops, Lost Data, And Other Security Breaches (4 pp)
By Atlas C. Lee

IP Issue Spotting For M&A Deals (5 pp)
By B. Delano Jordan and Andrea Hence Evans

Sharpening Your Legal Negotiating Skills (4 pp)
By Charles B. Craver

The Grammatical Lawyer — State Plain Language Statutes (3 pp)
By Michael G. Walsh

The Law of the Lawyer — The Case For Keeping Legal Process Outsourcing Onshore (4 pp)
By Herbert A. Igbanugo

The Web-Wise Lawyer — Web-Gauging The Impact Of The Recession On Law Firms, Lawyers, And Staff (3 pp)
By Frank G. Cavaliere

Practical Success — Practical Advice For Setting Up A Business Development Coaching Program (3 pp)
By Cordell Parvin

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