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The Practical Litigator - March 2010

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The Defense Lawyer’s Tool Kit For Working With Medical Experts (5 pp)
By Jessie L. Harris

Unmasking Anonymous And Pseudonymous Online Posters (8 pp)
By Richard G. Sanders and Robb S. Harvey

The Best Money Can Buy: Spotting And Using Evidence Of Fake Degrees (4 pp)
By Chris W. McCarty

20 Ways To Protect The Attorney-Client And Work-Product Privileges When Working With Experts (4 pp)
By Jill Robb Ackerman

The Law of the Litigator — The Accidental Client (5 pp)
By Wendy L. Patrick

Table of Contents (1 pp)


Settlement Agreements For Employment Termination Cases (With Sample Clauses And Forms) (18 pp)
By Kiffi Y. Ford and Lee Hornberger

Closing Argument And Jury Instructions For Sexual Harassment Cases: The Plaintiff’s Perspective (With Forms) (13 pp)
By William R. Amlong

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