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The Practical Litigator - January 2010

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Summary Judgment In Hostile Environment Sexual Harassment Cases (10 pp)
By William R. Amlong

What Not To Do When Served With A Rule 45 Subpoena In The Age Of E-Discovery (6 pp)
By Monica McCarroll

The Physician As Expert Witness (10 pp)
By Samuel D. Hodge, Jr. and Avi J. Cohen

Building A Defensible Search And Review Process For ESI (6 pp)
By Deborah H. Juhnke

E-Discovery Around The World (23 pp)
By Helen Bergman Moure, Brett Harrison, David A. Marquez-Lechuga, Gavin Foggo

The Law of the Litigator--Ethics Rules And Court Rulings: The Art Of Graceful Disagreement With The Court (3 pp)
By Wendy Patrick Mazzarella

Table of Contents (1 pp)

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