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The Practical Tax Lawyer - November 2009

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Planning For Volatile Times: Using (Or Not Using) The Marital And Charitable Estate And Gift Tax Deductions (7 pp)
By Mary Ann Mancini

Tax Implications Of Stranger Originated Life Insurance (9 pp)
By Daniel Keller

Creative M&A Structures (8 pp)
By Christine Barr and Robb A. Longman

Post-Mortem Access To Funds From Closely Held Business Interests (11 pp)
By Hugh F. Drake and Edward F. Koren

Taxing Decisions--Regular Enough To Be A Business? (2 pp)
By Mark T. Carroll

Table of Contents (1 pp)


Buy-Sell Agreements And Section 409A (With Sample Provisions) (14 pp)
By Alson R. Martin

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