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The Practical Litigator - July 2009

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Three Terrible Ways To Conduct Civil Discovery (3 pp)
By James Ching

Effective Project Management In Discovery (8 pp)
By Ashish S. Prasad

The World Of Litigation Dilemmas (10 pp)
By Kenneth R. Berman

Online Dispute Resolution Comes Of Age (6 pp)
By Bruce T. Cooper

Objection To Form: Rule 34(b) And The Form Of Production Of Electronically Stored Information (8 pp)
By Jeffrey Gross

A New Frontier: Litigation Over Data Breaches (10 pp)
By John P. Hutchins and Renard C. Francois

Managing E-Discovery Costs: Mission Possible (7 pp)
By Marla S.K. Bergman and Steven C. Bennett

Law of the Litigator--Hard Times For Law Firms (5 pp)
By John B. Spitzer

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