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The Practical Tax Lawyer - February 2009

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Carbon Cap And Trade Programs: Potential U.S. Tax Issues (4 pp)
By Tracy D. Perry and Robert M. Gordon

Preparing For Changes In Determining Whether Your Worker Is An Independent Contractor Or Employee (8 pp)
By Robert R. Martinelli and Robb A. Longman

Section 6694 Preparer Penalties And Tax Advice: The Latest On The Constantly Moving Target (14 pp)
By Scott A. Schumacher

Practical Suggestions To Enhance The Work Product Protection Of Client Tax Accrual And FIN 48 Workpapers (6 pp)
By Philip C. Cook

The Five Levels Of Practical Succession Planning For The Family-Owned Business (15 pp)
By Sebastian V. Grassi, Jr. and Julius H. Giarmarco

Does Your Client Qualify For The Offer In Compromise Program Under The New Rules? (9 pp)
By Katherine Herron and Robb A. Longman

Taxing Decisions: What Am I, Anyway? (1 pp)
By Mark T. Carroll

Table of Contents (1 pp)

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