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The Practical Litigator - January 2009

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The Courtroom Of The Twenty-First Century (18 pp)
By John M. Barkett

Crafting Jury Instructions To Win Trials And Appeals (6 pp)
By Kevin M. Fong and John M. Grenfell

Promoting E-Legal Behavior: Litigation And Counseling (12 pp)
By Lasagne A. Wilhite

Admissibility Of “Me Too” Evidence In The Post-Mendelsohn Era (8 pp)
By Angelina LaPenotiere and Marcus D. Brown

The Law of the Litigator--Counseling Clients To Consider Compromise: The Benefits Of Mediation (4 pp)
By Stuart M. Israel

Table of Contents (1 pp)


Techniques And Potential Conflicts In The Handling Of Depositions (Part 2) (With Forms) (11 pp)
By Victoria E. Brieant

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