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The Practical Lawyer - December 2008

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Successfully Getting To Arbitration: What Courts Look For When Enforcing An Arbitration Clause (4 pp)
By Michael A. Valenza, Alan L. Frank, and Kyle M. Kulzer

The Distressed Small Or Mid-Sized Business: Making The Decision To Sell (6 pp)
By Nancy A. Ross

Venture Capital Transactions In The United States And China (11 pp)
By Fred Tannenbaum and Scott Guan

Data Security Breaches: Problems And Solutions (6 pp)
By Steven C. Bennett

Think Twice Before You Hit The Send Button! Practical Considerations In The Use Of Email (7 pp)
By Janice Mac Avoy, Ivan Espinoza-Madrigal, and Sherita Walton

Index To Volumes 51, 52, 53, And 54 (2005-08) (13 pp)

The Grammatical Lawyer--The Influence Of Yiddish On Modern American English (3 pp)
By Michael G. Walsh

The Law of the Lawyer--Judicial Ethics: Disqualification And Recusal (3 pp)
By Susan R. Martyn and Lawrence J. Fox

The Web-Wise Lawyer--Can You Protect Yourself From Keylogging Devices? (3 pp)
By Frank J. Cavaliere

Table of Contents (1 pp)

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