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The Practical Tax Lawyer - November 2008

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Tips For Drafting And Issues Presented By LLC Operating Agreements (11 pp)
By Laurie A. Ronholdt and Alex Pederson

401(k) Plan Fee Disclosures—What Your Clients Should Know About The New DOL Guidance (9 pp)
By Deanna H. Niño

Tax Consequences Of The Issuance Of Options To Acquire Partnership Interests For Services—The Compensatory Quagmire (9 pp)
By John P. Barrie and Tracy M. Villecco

Ten Practical Levels Of Estate Planning (26 pp)
By Julius H. Giarmarco and Sebastian V. Grassi, Jr.

Taxing Decisions: “Ninety Percent of Life is Just Showing Up…” (2 pp)
By Mark T. Carroll

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