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The Practical Lawyer - October 2008

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Unlocking The Secrets To Developing Your Future Rainmakers (7 pp)
By Cordell M. Parvin

Immigration Consequences In Corporate Mergers And Acquisitions (9 pp)
By Roy J. Watson, Jr.

Advising Chinese Clients On Establishing And Operating Successful Businesses In The United States (24 pp)
By Fred Tannenbaum

The Grammatical Lawyer--Bye-Bye B-School Jargon! (3 pp)
By Michael G. Walsh

The Law of the Lawyer--State Attorney General’s Nonstatutory Claims Against NYSE Executive Fail; Business Judgment Rule Applies To New York Nonprofits (3 pp)
By John B. Spitzer

The Web-Wise Lawyer--Internet Addiction: Fact or Fction (3 pp)
By Frank J. Cavaliere

Table of Contents (1 pp)


Creating The (Almost) Perfect Retainer Agreement (With Form) (5 pp)
By Lori A. Colbert

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