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The Practical Litigator - July 2008

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Traditional versus Online Focus Group Research (5 pp)
By Dorothy K. Kagehiro, Robert D. Minick, and Kasey R. Herrera

Understanding Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (5 pp)
By Samuel D. Hodge, Jr. and Robin Hauth

Cumis Privilege And The Risk Of Waiver: A Policyholder’s Perspective (10 pp)
By Wendy L. Feng and Geoffrey T. Painter

Records Management: The Next Frontier In E-discovery? (5 pp)
By Steven C. Bennett

Applying The Appropriate Discount Rate In Commercial Litigation (10 pp)
By William C. Cleveland and William T. Dawson III

Screening? Consider The Clients (6 pp)
By Susan R. Martyn and Lawrence J. Fox

The Litigation Quiz Show: Dealing With Dilemmas (9 pp)
By Kenneth R. Berman

The Law of the Litigator-Anti-Terrorism Act Covers U.S. Citizens Serving In Foreign Armies (3 pp)
By John B. spitzer

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