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The Practical Litigator - May 2008

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Arbitration Of Patent Disputes Internationally And In The United States (6 pp)
By M. Scott Donahey

Strategy Decisions On CAFA: The Defense Perspective (9 pp)
By Gregory C. Cook and Jennifer Hoover Clark

Litigating Subjective Disability Claims (19 pp)
By Robert R. Pohls, Stacey L. Leask, and Jason G. Gong

Supplemental Rule G Governing Pretrial Procedures In Forfeiture In Rem Actions (12 pp)
By John K. Rabiej

The Abraham Lincoln School Of Patent Litigation (6 pp)
By Richard P. Beem

The Law of the Litigator--What Two Years As A Litigator-Turned-Law-Clerk Taught Me About The Fundamentals Of Effective Advocacy In The Federal Courts (6 pp)
By Edward A. marshall

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