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The Practical Lawyer - April 2008

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Data Mining The Venture-Backed Company Charter (4 pp)
By Jonathan D. Gworek

20 Reasons Why People Don’t Respect Lawyers The Way They Used To (9 pp)
By Philip K. Lyon

“Deemed Exports” Of Technology: How Safe Is Your Client’s Company? (6 pp)
By Gerard Morales and Matthew Goldstein

Virtual Worlds, Digital Economies, And Synthetic Crimes (12 pp)
By Sean F. Kane

Buying And Selling The Distressed Small Business (6 pp)
By Rebecca U. Litteneker and Scott H. McNutt

The Top Five Reasons Why Clients Leave And How You Can Prevent It (6 pp)
By Jeffrey Miiller and Jill Kohn

Evaluating And Minimizing The FCPA Risks When Conducting Business In Emerging Markets (6 pp)
By Michael E. Clark

The Grammatical Lawyer--Word Formation (4 pp)
By Michael G. Walsh

The Law Of The Lawyer--Court Sanctions Attorneys For Allegedly Dissuading Witness From Attending Deposition (2 pp)
By John B. Spitzer

Web-Wise Lawyer--A Tale Of Two Web Sites: The Alpha And Omega Of The Client Experience (3 pp)
By Frank J. Cavaliere

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