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The Practical Real Estate Lawyer - November 2007

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Technology And The Lawyer's Duty Of Confidentiality (6 pp)
By William Freivogel

Preparing For The Initial Taking Or Possession Hearing (7 pp)
By Simon H. Bloom and Stephanie E. Dyer

Options: Changing Ownership Doesn’t Trigger Purchase Rights (3 pp)
By Harris Ominsky

How To Control The Owner's Risk In A Commercial Or Industrial Construction Contract (12 pp)
By Joyce K. Hackenbrach and Clark Whitney

Index To Volumes 21, 22, and 23 (2005-07) (10 pp)

Are Intercreditor Agreements Enforceable In Bankruptcy? (6 pp)
By John C. Murray

Eleven Trial Preparation Pointers For Condemnation Cases (6 pp)
By Michael Rikon

Getting The Condemnation Case Underway (6 pp)
By Andrew H. Schuster

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