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The Practical Litigator - July 2007

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Deposition Questions For The Custodian Of Electronic Records (8 pp)
By Joan Feldman

Getting Started As A Monitor (8 pp)
By Bart M. Schwartz

The Emerging European Class Action: Expanding Multi-Party Litigation To A Shrinking World (14 pp)
By Laurel J. Harbour and Marc E. Shelley

Medical Monitoring: Cause Of Action Or Element Of Damages? (6 pp)
By Kevin L. Colbert

Should You Sue Over A Term Sheet? (14 pp)
By Gregory G. Ballard and Jessica Lively

Preserving A Record For Appeal While Keeping The Jury On Your Side (4 pp)
By Theodora R. Lee

The Law of the Litigator: Positional Conflicts In Patent Infringement Cases (2 pp)
By John B. Spitzer

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