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ALI CLE Business Law Course Materials Journal - April 2007

In the April 2007 issue, articles on: how employee benefits and executive compensation issues affect the sale of a business; using credit reports in employment decisions; emerging trends in state law employment claims; and how the 2005 Bankruptcy Reform Act changes the rules for debt relief agencies, assisted persons, and advertising.

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How Employee Benefits And Executive Compensation Issues Affect The Sale Of A Business (17 pp)
By Michael A. Lawson, Jeleen Guttenberg, and Rhan Soh

Fair Credit Reporting Act Limiting The Use Of Credit Reports In Employment (5 pp)
By Linda D. Walton

Emerging Trends In State Law Employment Claims (25 pp)
By Diana P. Scott

The 2005 Bankruptcy Reform Act Changes The Rules For Debt Relief Agencies, Assisted Persons, And Advertising (8 pp)
By Mary Jo Wiggins

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