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The Practical Tax Lawyer - May 2007

In the Spring 2007 issue, articles on: the tax non filer;seeking costs in cases of first impression; comparing Roth 401(k) and traditional 401(k) accounts; recent changes to the concept of “Trust Income”; non-qualified deferred compensation under §409A; and dealing with uncertainty in estate planning.

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Seeking Cost Reimbursement In Cases Of First Impression: Zealous Advocacy or Pushing Your Luck? (8 pp)
By Hale E, Sheppard

The Tax Non-Filer: Public Enemy Number One? (8 pp)
By Ted David

Comparing Roth 401(k) And Traditional 401(k) Accounts (7 pp)
By Sharon Remmer

What You Need To Know About Recent Changes To The Concept Of “Trust Income” Under State Law And The Code (11 pp)
By Mackenzie McNaughton and Stephanie Anne Lipinski Galland

Successful Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Under §409A Requires Careful Attention To The Details (14 pp)
By Leslie Woodruff

The Chief Uncertainty In Estate Planning (6 pp)
By Jerold I. Horn

Taxing Decisions: When "I didn't Do It" Doesn't Stop The Statute Of Limitations (2 pp)
By Mark T. Carroll

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