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The Practical Tax Lawyer - November 2006

In the Fall 2006 issue, articles on: the Pension Protection Act Of 2006; equitable relief under the innocent spouse provisions; VEBA nondiscrimination testing; small tax cases; and tax aspects of negotiating acquisition agreements.

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VEBA Nondiscrimination Testing: An Obstacle Restricting Health Plan Design Choices (8 pp)
By Cynthia A. Van Bogaert

What You Should Know About The Pension Protection Act Of 2006 (23 pp)
By Pamela D. Perdue

Equitable Relief Under The Innocent Spouse Provisions (6 pp)
By Flora T. Hezel

Taxing Decisions—Names Have Been Changed To Protect The Innocent (Or, At Least, The Litigant) (1 pp)
By Mark T. Carroll

A Practical Guide To Small Tax Cases In The United States Tax Court (13 pp)
By Brian P. Trauman and Jeffrey R. Malo

Tax Aspects Of Negotiating Acquisition Agreements (8 pp)
By Lewis R. Steinberg and Sharon C. Mendelson

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