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The Practical Tax Lawyer - February 2005

In Winter 2005 issue, articles on: the 2004 Tax Acts; the proposed GST Tax Qualified-Severance Regulations; historic rehabilitation tax credits; confidentiality agreements and tax-saving strategies;cross-border Canadian-U.S. planning.

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Taxing Decisions--A Capital Idea (1 pp)
By Mark T. Carroll

The 2004 Tax Acts: Far From Simplification (16 pp)
By Leslie E. Woodruff

What You Should Know About The Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit (8 pp)
By Kenneth A. Alperin

Confidentiality Agreements And Tax-Saving Strategies: How Confident Are You? (With Forms) (9 pp)
By Victoria Blachly

Cross-Border Canadian-U.S. Planning (13 pp)
By Edward C. Northwood


Coping With The Proposed GST Tax Qualified-Severance Regulations (With Drafting Examples) (9 pp)
By Sebastian V. Grassi, Jr.

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