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The Practical Tax Lawyer - August 2000

In the Summer 2000 issue: how to compute the time value of money; evaluating section 419A(f)(6) plans; planning strategies for retirement plan benefits; and conservation easements for real estate.

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A Guide to Evaluating a Proposed Section 419A(f)(6)Plan (7 pp)
By John G. Simmons

Using Conservation Easements for Real Estate (5 pp)
By Gary A. Zwick and James John Jurinski

Taxing Decisions (1 pp)
By Mark T. Carroll

How To Compute the Time Value of Money (10 pp)
By Stephan R. Leimberg, Robert J. Doyle, and Daniel B. Evans

Estate Planning Strategies for Retirement Plan Benefits (18 pp)
By Andrew J. Willms

Index to Volumes 11 through 14 (1996-200) (11 pp)
By Planning Chairs:Howard Bruce Klein, Law Offices of Howard Bruce Klein and Director, ALI-ABA In-HouseDavid A. Sonenshein, I. Herman Stern Professor of Law, Temple University School of Law

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