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The Practical Real Estate Lawyer - January 2004

In the January 2004 issue, articles on: How Sarbanes-Oxley affect professional standards for real estate attorneys; resolving environmental insurance claims; commercial property managements agreement (with checklist); consequential damages in construction damage claims; basic functions of a real estate broker; Groundbreakers: (eminent domain) (public trust

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How Does Sarbanes-Oxley Affect Professional Standards For Real Estate Attorneys? (7 pp)
By Philip D. Weller

Resolving Environmental Insurance Claims (15 pp)
By Gita F. Rothschild

A New Look At Consequential Damages In Construction Damage Claims (8 pp)
By Joseph A. McManus, Jr.

Basic Functions Of A Real Estate Broker (6 pp)
By Barry R. Bram

Groundbreakers—Bailey v. Meyers; Commonwealth v. Muise (2 pp)
By Philip M. Manley


Dissecting The Commercial Property Management Agreement (With Checklist)
By Earl L. Segal and Michael A. Segal

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