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The Practical Real Estate Lawyer - September 2003

In the September 2003 issue, articles on: UCC Insurance for limitation of liability problems in UCC searches; the valuation of urban property in condemnations; the state of marketable title in real estate sales (with sample clauses); dissolving and winding up limited liability companies; and maximizing the value of real estate portfolios or trophy properties upon monetization.

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Is UCC Insurance the Answer to Limitation of Liability in UCC Searches? (10 pp)
By John C. Murray

Valuing Urban Property in Condemnations (15 pp)
By Michael Rikon

Dissolving and Winding Up Limited Liability Companies (13 pp)
By Steven C. Alberty

Maximizing the Value of Real Estate Portfolios or Trophy Properties upon Monetization (10 pp)
By Lee Samuelson

Groundbreakers: Court Affirms Expansive Trespass Policy; Death from Above, but No Liability from Below (2 pp)
By Philip M. Manley


The State of Marketable Title (with Sample Clauses)
By S.H. Spencer Compton

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