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The Practical Real Estate Lawyer - July 2003

In July 2003 issue, articles on: reasonable consent standards to assignments; assessing the value of a loan recovery for the secured lender; the valuation of billboards in condemnation; the condemnation of easements; and condominium association powers.

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Counseling the Client on the Reasonable Consent Standard to Assignments (8 pp)
By Brent C. Shaffer

Assessing the Value of a Loan Recovery for the Secured Lender (8 pp)
By James R. Stillman

Valuation of Billboards in Condemnation (11 pp)
By Jill S. Gelineau

Condemnation of Easements (12 pp)
By James L. Thompson

Understanding Condominium Association Powers (18 pp)

Groundbreakers: What Law Governs the Peripatetic Feline? Is an Islamic Dowry Agreement Enforceable? (2 pp)
By Philip M. Manley

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