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The Practical Real Estate Lawyer - September 2001

For the September 2001 issue, articles on the art of real estate negotiations; commonly overlooked issues in comprehensive contacts of sale; how to prevail on a petition for condemnation; how to handle telecommunications in office leases; and an annotated guraranty.

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The Art of Real Estate Negotiations (10 pp)
By Joshua Stein

Groundbreakers (3 pp)
By Philip M. Manley

How To Handle Telecommunications Issues in Office Leases (9 pp)
By Jerry D. Johnson and David N. Pace


How To Prevail on a Petition for Condemnation (with Checklist)
By Linda Ferroli Nelson

An Annotated Guaranty
By Diana C. Liu

Top 10 “Gotchas” in Comprehensive Contracts of Sale (with Forms) (12 pp)
By Kevin L. Shepherd

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