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The Practical Litigator - May 2005

In the May 2005 issue, articles on: effective jury instructions; defending the antitrust case; workers’ compensation; the Internet as a discovery tool; cross-examination; discovery planning in employment cases; and the defense closing argument.

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The Ripple Effect Of Workers’ Compensation (11 pp)
By Mark Baugh and Helen Bean

Law of the Litigator—Lack Of Expert Evidence Concerning Legal Malpractice Dooms Claim (2 pp)
By John B. Spitzer

Twenty Tips For Effective Jury Instructions (5 pp)
By Elaine Drodge Koch

Considerations In Defending The Antitrust Case (8 pp)
By Margaret M. Zwisler

Using The Internet As A Discovery Tool (6 pp)
By Bradley C. Nahrstadt and Claire L. Lunardini

It Doesn’t Have To Be A “Cross” To Bear (4 pp)
By Janice P. Brown

Pre-discovery Investigations And Discovery Planning In Employment Cases (12 pp)
By Gary B. Eidelman

Preparing And Delivering The Defense Closing Argument (8 pp)
By W. Ray Persons

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