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The Practical Litigator - January 2000

This issue of The Practical Litigator contains articles on civil RICO claims and how to avoid them; technology tools for the courtroom; using experts in the wake of the Kumho decision; how to authenticate digital evidence; how to train witnesses and associates at the same time; and how to avoid employment litigation by asking the right questions during the initial interview.

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Five Common Errors in Pleading Civil RICO Claims and How To Avoid Them (8 pp)
By Edward F. Mannino

Use of Experts on Federal Courts in the Wake of Kumho Tire (8 pp)
By Jerold S. Solovy and Joel J. Africk

How To Train Associates and Prepare Witnesses at the Same Time (8 pp)
By Larry Carbone and kenneth G. Standard

Technology Tools in the Courtroom: How To Use Them, and How To Oppose Them (7 pp)
By Elizabeth S. Stong

Fair, Accurate, and True? Authenticating Evidence in the Age of Digital Manipulation (7 pp)
By William Sloan Coats and Gabriel Ramsey

Law of the Litigator (4 pp)
By John B. Spitzer


To Ask or Not To ask: Applications and Interviews of Prospective Employees (With Checklist/Chart)
By Cathie A. Shattuck

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