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The Practical Lawyer - July 2001

In the July 2001 issue, articles on: paying costs from retirement plans: when and how much; advertising on the internet: how to avoid liability; tax aspects of stock options: questions, answers, and planning tips; and preferred stock terms investors love and companies hate (part 2 with form).

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Advertising on the Internet: How To Avoid Liability (18 pp)
By Matthew M. Neumeier and Brent E. Kidwell

The Grammatical Lawyer: Just So Much Rhetoric--Part Nine (3 pp)
By Michael G. Walsh

Paying Costs from Retirement Plans: When and How Much (10 pp)
By Pamela D. Perdue

Tax Aspects of Stock Options: Questions, Answers, and Planning Tips (9 pp)
By Alan S. Gassman

The Web-Wise Lawyer: ASP and You Shall Receive (3 pp)
By Frank J. Cavaliere


Preferred Stock Terms Investors Love and Companies Hate (Part 2 with Form)
By Eileen Smith Ewing

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