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Understanding and Using Networks for Law Practice Development

By Ginsburg, Krishnan, Levey, McLean, Pierce, Pomfret, Wasser

  • Softcover
  • 94 pp.
  • ISBN: 9780831801311
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  • ONLINE: 2011
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  • 94 pp.
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How is the practice of law changing? How are nodes, links, data visualization, relationship forensics, and law firm networks affecting law practice development?

Read ALI-ABA’s ground-breaking guide to find out the answers to these questions and more!

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Understanding Law Firm Networks (4 pp) $59.00
John B. Spitzer

Visualizing Networks for Practice Development (4 pp) $59.00
Dan Wasser

Understanding Relationship Forensics (4 pp) $59.00
Robert Levey

Understanding Satellite Technology and Geospatial Networks (6 pp) $59.00
Kevin D. Pomfret

Overview of Substantive Law Governing Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies (46 pp) $59.00
Sarah E. McLean and Michael K. Pierce

The Ethics Rules Surrounding Networking (2 pp) $59.00
Roy S. Ginsburg

The Joint Law Venture: A Pilot Survey (2 pp) $59.00
Jayanth K. Krishnan

Appendix: A Real World Example (14 pp) $59.00

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