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APPENDIX 5: Best Blog and News Sites
Best IP Blogs

Relatively new additions to the internet are "blogs." Blogs are really just a new name to a traditional feature of the internet, the web log. However, what used to consist of merely text postings has morphed into a combination of slick web page programming and in the best blogs, often updated content. From casual web enthusiasts to large enterprises, many different persons and companies utilize blogs, as they provide entertaining stream-of-consciousness reactions to recent events.

The IP community is no stranger to this popular format. New blogs are constantly appearing, and many have excellent content. This list provides a sample of the most useful. There is also a strong collection of news blogs, but these links are provided in the "Best News Sites" section.

Berkley IP Blog—

The posts to this blog are somewhat sporadic, but it often has good content. You can browse posts by both date and topic. Some topics include: Fair Use and the Commons, Hollywood vs. Silicon Valley, International IP, Law and Policy, Media, Privacy/Security, Software/Open Source, and the Napster Generation. It also has a list of special commentary, along with a list of resources and other blog sites.


LawMeme is a law and technology blog that is run by Yale Law School. This website has frequent posts and invites posts from all readers.

Doug Isenberg’s—

This blog contains both interesting posts on current hot topics, as well as a daily news feature. You can also browse articles by sub-topic. Isenberg is a practicing attorney and professor, and a frequent commentator on cable news and in large publications. This website reflects his interest in providing information for practicing lawyers and internet professionals.

The Trademark Blog—

A well-publicized, often updated and entertaining blog by IP attorney Martin Schwimmer.

Copyfight: the politics of IP—

This is a political site with extensive commentary on current IP issues. The site looks at current legal rulings and legislation, as well as changing industry standards, to address how IP will be affected by the combination.

William G. Heinze’s IP Updates—

This is a commentary site of an IP lawyer. It is a collection of articles on current issues.

Necessity’s Progeny: Nipper’s Patent Law Blog—

This blog offers a good collection of articles on a variety of topics in IP. The reader can search by category. This blog retains a little more personality than some others.

Patently Obvious: a patent law resource—

In this blog, Dennis Crouch. Crouch peppers his commentary with unique or funny patents, which makes the site amusing. There are some interesting contributions, such as how the patent bar’s format has changed and a list of the top cities in which to practice patent law.

Furd Log—

This is a good example of a personal blog. This site deals with IP policy and culture and is a great example of what a blog is supposed to be—a combination of personal web page (with that unique injection of a given individual’s idiosyncratic style) and current information. Furd Log purports to be updated daily.

Best IP News Sites

One of the most revolutionizing features of the internet is its ability to deliver immediately current news. It also has allowed for specialized news networks to develop that previously would not survive in an exclusively print or television national network. There are several noteworthy tech news sites. Some offer original content, while others cull content from news sources across the globe.

Pure News-Culling sites

IP Newsflash

This is a news-culling site that has top intentional tech news headlines, international legal notices relating to technology, and international legal decisions.

Daily Rotation—

This site culls the headlines from over 300 tech news sites. The best part is that the user can specify which sites he wants to be culled.


This comprehensive news blog has constant updating of current tech news. One nice feature is that you can look up news by specific topic, from culture to robotics.

News and Commentary


This site is a good collection of current international IP news. One cautionary note: the web site is the private site of an IP attorney, who is also promoting his services.

IP Newsblog—

This blog is part of the Pierce IP Mall and it offers both current news updates and interesting commentary. Most of the articles it links are annotated with a brief synopsis or commentary.—

"Law news for nerds at heart." This is a fairly comprehensive site, with consistent postings on random tech topics.


This is probably the definitive news sites for current tech news. Updated continuously, it serves as a good source for current news, commentary, and discussion. The site is very comprehensive, offering everything from book reviews to a question-and-answer posting section.

Tech Law Advisor—

A great resource for news and updates with a focus on technology law and policy.

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