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Current Developments in Employment Law (Video)

This online video program was originally presented on July 27, 2017, as part of the program, "Current Developments in Employment Law 2017".

Speakers: Mr. Fitzpatrick, Judges Childs, Pallmeyer and Smith, Moderator: Judge Pallmeyer; Speakers: Mr. McGillivary and Ms. Olson, Mss. Johnson and Olson, Messrs. Fitzpatrick and Morris, Ms. Clark and Mr. Morris, Moderator: Mr. Morris; Speakers: Messrs. McGillivary and Panken, Moderator: Judge Pallmeyer; Speakers: Ms. Johnson and Mr. Seymour, Mss. O’Neill and Ronickher, Ms. O’Neill and Mr. Morris, Moderator: Judge Grimm; Speakers: Messrs. Panken and Seymour, Moderator: Judge Kennelly; Speakers: Judges Childs, Grimm, and Pallmeyer and Messrs. Ellis and Seymour, Moderator: Judge Childs; Speakers: Judges Grimm, Kennelly and Pallmeyer, Moderator: Judge Grimm; Speakers: Messrs. Ellis and Fitzpatrick and Ms. Johnson, Moderator: Judge Smith; Speakers: Mss. Clark and Trulock, Moderator: Judge Kennelly; Speakers: Mr. McGillivary and Ms. Trulock, Moderator: Judge Childs; Speakers: Mr. Ellis and Ms. Ronickher

Topics include:

This course is divided into segments. You will receive prompts periodically throughout the program that will advance you to the next segment. After clicking on a prompt, you can leave the course at any time and return later to continue the course at the beginning of the segment.

Total CLE: 60 minute hour - 18.5 | 50 minute hour - 22.2
Ethics: 60 minute hour - 1 | 50 minute hour - 1.2

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