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Special Purpose Entities; Lender’s Title Insurance; Legal Opinions

Original Date(s): July 25-28, 2007
Segment Runtime: 01:16:34
Speakers: Dena M. Cruz, Richard R. Goldberg, Michael D. Hamilton, K.C. McDaniel, Mark A. Senn

The audio file contains the following coursebook chapters and/or handouts:

Chapter: Standard Form of Hotel Loan Agreement--Annotated with Introduction (July 2007)

Chapter: Standard Form of Hotel Management Agreement--Annotated with Introduction (July 2007)

Chapter: Standard Form of Hotel Purchase Agreement -- 2007 -- Annotated with Introduction

Chapter: Standard Form of Tri-Party Agreement for Hotel Loan--Annotated with Introduction (July 2007)

Chapter: Subordinate and Mezzanine Real Estate Financing

Chapter: Title Insurance for Mezzanine Financing Transactions

Chapter: Subordination, Non-Disturbance, and Attornment Agreements (With Sample Language)

Chapter: Intercreditor Agreement (2007)

Chapter: Intercreditor and Subordination Agreement (2007)

Chapter: Participating Loan Documents (2007)

Chapter: Convertible Mortgage Option Agreement (2007)

Chapter: Convertible Mortgage Anti-Clogging Affidavit (2007)

Chapter: Creditors' Rights Coverage in Title Policies: Does Deletion of the Exclusion Imply Coverage?

Chapter: Carveouts to Nonrecourse Loans: They Mean What They Say!

Chapter: Due-on-Sale Clauses: Can They Still Be Challenged?

Chapter: Insured Closings: Title Company Agents and Approved Attorneys

Chapter: Benefits of the UCC Insurance Policy

Chapter: A Comparative Analysis of Three Significant Forms of Real Estate Finance Legal Closing Options

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