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Electricity Consumption

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Coursebook Papers:

Electricity Consumption Program Overview - PowerPoint Presentation (6 pp) $29.00
By Kyle Aarons

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Climate Change & Extreme Weather: How Resilient/Vulnerable is our Current Electricity Infrastructure - PowerPoint Presentation (6 pp) $29.00
By Dr. Craig D. Zamuda

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Carbon Pollution Standards for Existing Power Plants: Issues and Options (14 pp) By Kyle Aarons

U.S. Energy Sector Vulnerabilities to Climate Change and Extreme Weather (86 pp) By Dr. Craig D. Zamuda

Regulatory Considerations Associated with the Expanded Adoption of Distributed Solar (74 pp)

Designing Distributed Generation Tariffs Well Fair Compensation in a Time of Transition (60 pp)

Revenue Regulation and Decoupling: A Guide to Theory and Application (96 pp)

Standby Rates for Combined Heat and Power Systems Economic Analysis and Recommendations for Five States (46 pp)

Prevailing Academic View on Compliance Flexibility under § 111 of the Clean Air Act (22 pp)

Efficiency Rules: The Case for End-Use Energy Efficiency Programs in the Section 111(d) Rule for Existing Power Plants (22 pp) By Katherine Konschnik

What’s Ahead for Power Plants and Industry? Using the Clean Air Act to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Building on Existing Regional Programs (34 pp)

Section 111 of the Clean Air Act Performance Standards for Coal and Gas-Fired Electric Generating Units - PowerPoint Presentation (8 pp) $29.00
By Katherine Konschnik

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Additional Materials - Financial Pressure on the Utility of the Present -- PowerPoint Presentation (10 pp) $29.00
By Richard Sedano

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