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The Future of the Affordable Care Act:
What the Supreme Court's Decision Means for You

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Coursebook Papers:

Table of Contents

Overview of the Supreme Court’s Decision - Slides (4 pp) $29.00
By René E. Thorne

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Provider’s Reaction to the Upholding of the ACA - Slides (6 pp) $29.00
By Paul R. DeMuro, Esquire

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Health Reform – Employer and Individual Mandates, Exchanges, Group Health Plan Requirements, Patient Protection and Other Selected Requirements - Slides (30 pp) $29.00
By Roberta Casper Watson

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View from the Hill - Slides (6 pp) $29.00
By Vanessa Scott

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Link: National Federation of Independent Business et al vs. Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services, et al. (2 pp)

Supreme Court Health Care Ruling: Preliminary Analysis & Implications Going Forward (6 pp) By Alden J. Bianchi

What To Do with MLR Rebates under Employer-Sponsored Group Health Plans (6 pp) By Alden J. Bianchi

Health Care Reform: What the Employer Mandate Means (6 pp)

Supreme Court Upholds Health Reform as a Constitutional Tax: What Individuals and Businesses Need to Know Going Forward (2 pp)

Supreme Court Declines to Return Health Reform to Its Pre-Existing Condition (10 pp) By Vanessa Scott