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21st Annual
Philadelphia Tax Conference

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Coursebook Papers:

Table of Contents

How to Account for Distressed Debt (presentation slides) (16 pp) $29.00
By David C. Garlock Jeffrey Maddrey Steven M. Rosenthal

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Selected Dollar and Cents Issues for Qualified Retirement Plans (presentation slides) (14 pp) $29.00
By Russell Hall

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IRS 'Payroll Tax' Developments: Impact on Fringe Benefits, Executive Compensation, Worker Classification and Downsizing Payments (presentation slides) (28 pp) $29.00
By David R. Fuller

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Towers Watson Memo RE: PBGC Proposed Rule Clarifies Many 4062(e) Issues (18 pp)

Towers Watson Memo RE: Legislation to Facilitate Roth Conversions Headed to Final Passage (6 pp)

PPACA Processes for Internal Claims and Appeals, External Review Requirements (Towers Watson Bulletin) (6 pp)

Additional Guidance Issued on PPACA External Review Process; Related Model Notices Also Released (Towers Watson Bulletin) (6 pp)

HHS Issues Guidance for Limited Benefit or Mini-Med Plan Waivers From the Restricted Annual Dollar Limits (Towers Watson Bulletin) (4 pp)

IRS Issues Guidance on Reimbursement of OTC Medicines and Drugs From Health FSAs, HRAs, HSAs and Archer MSAs (Towers Watson Bulletin) (6 pp)

IRS Provides Interim Relief on Form W-2 for 2011 (Towers Watson Bulletin) (4 pp)

PPACA Guidance Issued Eliminating HIPAA Opt-Out Election for Self-Insured Nonfederal Governmental Plans (Towers Watson Bulletin) (4 pp)

HHS Announces New ERRP Website, Provides List of Approved Applicants and Updates FAQs (Towers Watson Bulletin) (4 pp)

Supplemental Guidance Issued on Several Topics to Clarify PPACA Compliance (Towers Watson Bulletin) (6 pp)

HHS Issues Statements Acknowledging Special Circumstances Involving Mini-Med Plans and the PPACA’s Medical Loss Ratio Standards, and Awards Money to States for the Establishment of Exchanges (Towers Watson Bulletin) (4 pp)

Interim Final Regulations Issued on Preventive Services Under PPACA (Towers Watson Bulletin) (4 pp)

Corporate Taxation: Planning Considerations and Updates (60 pp) $39.00

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Practical International Concerns Facing Middle Market Companies (52 pp) $39.00

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Federal Tax Controversies (8 pp) By Joseph Olivieri Barry Shott James C. Fee Paul DeNard

State Tax Developments: A National View (80 pp) $39.00
By Peter L. Faber

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Recent Developments in Pennsylvania Taxation (8 pp) $29.00
By Wendi L. Kotzen

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Ethical Issues in Tax Practice (12 pp) $29.00

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Circular 230 Rules (32 pp)

Model Rules of Professional Conduct (22 pp)

AICPA Statements on Standards for Tax Services (24 pp)

Regulations Governing Practice Before the Internal Revenue Service (86 pp)

Navigating an OPR Disciplinary Proceeding (14 pp)

Accounting Methods Slides: Hot Topics in Capitalization (presentation slides) (20 pp) $29.00

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Hot Topics for Partnerships in a Distressed Economy (presentation slides) (38 pp) $29.00
By Andrew N. Berg Vadim Mahmoud

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Slides: Fluctuations in Relative Value in Applying Section 382 under Notice 2010-50 (42 pp) $29.00

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State and Local Meets International (handout) (74 pp) $39.00

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Tax Director Forum: What's Keeping Them Up at Night? (presentation slides) (handout) (12 pp) $29.00
By Dennis Ross Diana L. Wollman Glen A. Kohl Richard D'Avino

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Current Developments--Philadelphia Tax Conference (presentation slides) (handout) (22 pp) $29.00

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