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E-Discovery 101 - What Every Lawyer Needs to Know

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Electronically Stored Information: A Look under the Hood - The Mechanics of Computers and Other Storage Devices, with a Rosetta Stone Discussion of Terminology and “Geek Speak” (58 pp) $39.00
By Steven W. Teppler

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Strategizing and Implementation of Litigation Holds, ESI Preservation (including client counseling for ESI discovery readiness), and the Increasingly Vital Role of Computer Forensics (14 pp) $29.00
By Steven W. Teppler

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Formal Discovery by the Numbers (with special attention paid to the emergence of the Rule 26(f) counsel meet-and-confer) (266 pp) $49.00

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Digital Evidence Authentication and Admissibility Issues (352 pp) $49.00

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Eric Hibbard PowerPoint Presentation - INCITS/CS1 (Cyber Security) Liaison Report to INCITS/T11 - Additonal Materials (8 pp) $29.00
By Eric Hibbard

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