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Sophisticated Estate Planning Techniques

This course book, designed for experienced estate planning practitioners, includes the most recent developments in the case law and in IRS audit and settlement practice. Also featured is an oft-overlooked aspect of FLP/LLC planning, the income tax consequences of terminating the entity: an eventuality that will occur sooner or later, and often sooner, every time such an entity is formed. Other timely topics include planning in a low-interest rate environment--what works and what doesn’t; planning for art and other collectibles--how to deal with the client who wants to keep the collection intact, preserve family access, and not bankrupt the estate; the foreign trust--understanding how to create (or not create) a foreign trust, advantages and disadvantages of foreign status, and avoiding an inadvertent change of status; and the charitable gift annuity--the surprisingly flexible alternative to the charitable remainder trust. CJ016

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Coursebook Forms:

What To Do with Art and Other Valuable Stuff: Planning for Collectibles (with Forms) (0 pp) $39.00

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Coursebook Papers:

Estate Planning and Charitable Planning in a Time of Low Interest Rates: What Works and What Doesn’t? (56 pp) $39.00

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Ramification for Estate Planners of the Phase Out of the Federal State Death Tax Credit: Boom, Bust or Unknown? (30 pp) $29.00

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U.S. Taxation of Foreign Trusts, Trusts with Non-U.S. Grantors and Their U.S. Beneficiaries (99 pp) $39.00

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Charitable Gift Annuities Revisited (26 pp) $29.00

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Preserving the “Designated Beneficiary” if a Trust Is Named as Beneficiary of a Qualified Plan or IRA (31 pp) $29.00

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Problems To Think About When Exiting a Family Limited Partnership (32 pp) $29.00

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Family Limited Partnerships: Is the Momentum Shifting? (41 pp) $29.00

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