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Commercial Securitization for Real Estate Lawyers--2005

This annual advanced course of study, comprising 12 full hours of instruction, is designed for real estate lawyers who need a better understanding of the basic elements of the securitization revolution. It answers many of the questions commonly asked: What is negotiable? What is not? What will it cost my client? What do the rating agencies really require? How do I protect my client against volatility in the capital markets? What happens if the lender or servicer encounters financial difficulty? What if the market changes or my client defaults? Whom do I talk to if there is a problem, a default, or a change in circumstances requiring an amendment to the documents? CK077

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Coursebook Papers:

Capital Markets Mortgage: A Ratable Model for Main Street and Wall Street (14 pp) $29.00

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The ABCs of Securitization (44 pp) $29.00

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How To Build a Bond (6 pp)

CMBS: New Rules for an Old Asset Class (10 pp)

Rating Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities (32 pp)

Securitized Mortgage Loans-Tax Basics (6 pp)

Federal Income Tax Aspects of Securitization Transactions (10 pp) $29.00

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Representations and Warranties – The Capital Markets Context (8 pp)

Outline of Certain Corporate and SEC Issues and Concerns (54 pp) $39.00

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Legal and Structural Considerations in CMBS Transactions (Slides) (20 pp) $29.00

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Availability vs. Confidentiality: Loan Information in the Capital Markets (14 pp) $29.00

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Matrix of Issues that Matter in Negotiating Real Estate Loans—What’s Really Required by Lenders and Rating Agencies and What an Acceptable Middle Ground May Be (48 pp) $29.00

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CMBS: Tenants-in-Common Becoming More Common (6 pp)

Slicing and Dicing: A Primer on Selected Legal and Structuring Issues (12 pp)

Mezzanine Finance: A Legal Background (8 pp)

Mezzanine Debt: Suggested Standard Form of Intercreditor Agreement (4 pp)

CMS REMIC Matrix for Master Servicing (12 pp)

Solving the Mortgage Tax Barrier to Defeasance (10 pp) $29.00

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Servicing Issues Related to Large, Highly-Structured Loans (6 pp)

CMBS Loan Delinquency Rate Ramps Up Sharply As Leverage Increases (18 pp)

CMBS Loan Delinquency Status: Loans Move Forward, Backward, and (10 pp)

Loan Default and Special Servicing Issues Involving Securitized Commercial Mortgages (6 pp)

CMBS Loan Delinquency and Vintage: Why 2000 Was Not a Very Good Year (8 pp)

2004 U.S. CMBS Conduit Loan Default and Loss Study (16 pp)

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