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Trial of a Patent Case

You have a patent and antitrust dispute involving competing business method and device patents and cross-claims on infringement. The dispute also includes allegations of anticompetitive behavior by a market leader arising from its acquisition activity and from the conduct before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office of a company acquired by that market leader. Can you present your arguments at trial in a clear, understandable, and persuasive manner? These course materials answer this question and many more. Using a simulated patent/antitrust dispute involving business method and device patents, these materials discuss the practice strategies for the presentation of complex subject matter to the finder of fact. CM024

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Coursebook Papers:

Table of Contents

The Supreme Court's Heightened Interest in IP Cases (20 pp) $29.00

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Federal Jurisdiction of Patent Claims (12 pp) $29.00

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Hypothetical: TAC vs. The Big Three (14 pp) $29.00

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Patent Reform Legislation (100 pp) $49.00

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Antitrust and Patents 2006 (16 pp) $29.00

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Moving Forward While Facing Backward: Illinois Tool Rejects the Presumption of Market Power in Patent Tying Cases (10 pp) $29.00

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Patent Local Rules for the Northern District of California (15 pp) $29.00

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