Contract Drafting Traps for the Unwary: Confidentiality Agreements |

Contract Drafting Traps for the Unwary:
Confidentiality Agreements

Monday, July 31, 2017 | 1:00 - 2:00 p.m. Eastern

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Excellent program that provided me with tips that I will definitely use.
Very instructive program.
Particularly liked the drafting traps and suggested corrections.
Good overview of drafting issues.
Informative, clear and extremely useful information with good, concrete examples.
Very well done. His choice of the material presentation was refreshingly unique and extremely helpful. He actually provided real-life tips! Thank you.
The instructor did a nice job.
Very helpful, and correct level of detail for a 1 hour presentation.
This was a great program. Great materials, and I liked how the material was presented.
Really very very good program!
Loved the format of specific drafting traps and suggestions for fixing them.
Appreciate the sample language collected for the course materials.
The presenter for this program was one of the best I've heard in recent ALI CLE programs. His use of examples was excellent.
Very informative, practical advice.
Great tips, and a good refresher on NDAs. Thanks
I liked the examples and interaction. Helps with retention!
Appreciated content, useful for in-house practice.
Very practical for use in creating and reviewing confidentiality agreements.