Cosponsored by The American College of Trust and Estate Counsel (ACTEC)

Planning and Administering Estates and Trusts:
The Income Tax Consequences You Need to Consider

Thursday, May 9, 2013 | 12:30 - 2:00 p.m. Eastern
The American College of Trust and Estate Counsel (ACTEC)

The American College of Trust and Estate Counsel (ACTEC) is a nonprofit association of lawyers established in 1949. Its members are elected to the College by demonstrating the highest level of integrity, commitment to the profession, competence and experience as trust and estate counselors.

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I 've been practicing for over 41 years with a heavy emphasis in estate planning a probate. I still learned (and sadly re-learned) a great deal during this short session which was clearly the best use of my time for an hour and one-half that I have enjoyed for some time.
The course materials are one of the best I have received from a CLE course. I will use it as reference material in the future.
Superb program. Both speakers were excellent, and materials are exhaustively prepared.
Great, succinct tax summary that I will refer to often and probably listen to again when it is available.
Extremely well done and helpful.
One of the best webcasts in the trust and estate area that I attended.
Very concise and informative presentation on a difficult issue.
This worked well, easy access and informed instructors.
Great program, speakers and materials!